About Little Ones Martial Arts Training


Little Ones Martial Arts is a program created for youth students from the ages of 2 to 10. It is meant to teach basic Martial Arts techniques, general character building skills, and to improve physical development. This program has been specifically created for Schools, Daycares, and other youth centres.

Most importantly we want everyone to have FUN!


Martial Arts is a great way to develop and build Gross Motor Skills which is an essential part of physical development in children of all ages. InnerActive Martial Arts considers developmentally-appropriate activities and exercises to ensure that these skills are being improved.


5 Benefits to the Little Ones Martial Arts Program


1. No need to travel to and from another studio or school. InnerActive Martial Arts brings the classes to       the comfort of your school or centre.

2. Opportunity to work on Gross Motor Skills

3. Teaches Good morale and Good Character Traits.

4. Exceeds the expected levels of portions of Criteria or ministry guidelines.

5. Counts as an extra-curricular or enrichment program in your centre or school.



Why Choose InnerActive Martial Arts


InnerActive Martial Arts Instructors are fully trained and experienced to work with children of all ages. Our ability to identify the best method of teaching for each specific group makes the learning progression at its highest quality and enjoyment of the program at its most exciting! With a positive outlook and an encouraging spirit, our instructors give 100% to each class and interaction!


InnerActive is very understanding that each school or Child Care Centre has very specific programming in place throughout the day. That’s why we are very flexible with our timing and scheduling when it comes to booking your program. We want to work around your schedule so that it is most convenient to you!

Bringing the classes directly to your school or centre means that there is no need for traveling for enrichment programs. This saves money on travel, extra food, and extra staff needed when traveling. This saves time by not having to wait for buses, travel times to and from the school or centre, and time preparing for a day trip.



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