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About Nerkin Ouj: Youth Progression Program

This program was created and based on 3 important aspects: Martial Arts technique, improving our physical development, and gaining character building skills.

Martial Art Technique

 The students will be learning Techniques from the Art of Nerkin Ouj (Inner Power). We will be working through a specified curriculum set out to allow you to progress to the next levels of training. As the students gain the skills and knowledge necessary, they will attain the next level by earning their stripes/belts.


Physical Development

Physical activity is a very important aspect of a child’s life. With our busy lives, it is often difficult to meet the daily recommended time of physical activity. We will be continuously working on improving and cultivating physical development as well as strengthening our bodies.


Character Building Skills

Arguably one of the most important aspects of Martial Arts training is based on character development. Words such as focus, discipline, respect, kindness, and many more will be defined and explored throughout the students’ training. A consistent positive environment and morale is kept. This promotes and encourages the development of self-confidence, good work ethic, and positive personality traits.


Benefits to the Nerking Ouj: Youth Progression Program

  • Confidence building

  • Self-Discipline

  • Better understanding of Respect and Moral

  • Increased attention span

  • Improved Co-ordination

  • Increased Physical and Mental Strength

  • Improved General Health

  • And many others!

Why Choose InnerActive Martial Arts?

InnerActive Martial Arts is one of only a couple of Martial Arts Academies to teach the unique art of Nerkin Ouj. Our instructors are highly trained and qualified to work at a high level of proficiency in order to achieve the best results. We have a deep level of Martial Arts understanding to be able to work with a large variety of age groups and skill levels. Our ability to connect with each student individually and be personable makes your experience as a student or parent of a student the most comfortable and satisfying! Still not sure? Try the first class for free! No obligation, no purchase necessary!


Please see the schedule and price list below for classes.


InnerActive Martial Arts also offers virtual classes via Zoom! 

Join us for an exciting, energetic class from the comfort of your own home.

Classes follow the same curriculum as "In-person Classes".


  • You can still earn stripes on your belt.

  • You can still earn next level belts.

  • You can still earn InnerActive Bucks.

  • You can still get stronger with us through our virtual program. 

Please see the schedule and price list below for classes.

Check out this awesome video

of our online classes!

Beginner Class July 2020.PNG
Advanced July 2020.PNG



Tuesday Evenings: 

Temporarily Online

4:15 - 5:00 Pm -- Beginner (White/Yellow belts)

5:15 - 6:00 Pm -- Weapons 

6:15 - 7:00 Pm -- Intermediate/Advanced 

(Green, Blue, Red)


Wednesday Mornings: Online

9:30 Am - 10:15 Am -- Beginner (White/Yellow belts)

10:30 Am - 11:15 Am -- Weapons

11:30 Am - 12:15 Pm Intermediate/Advanced 

(Green, Blue, Red)

Wednesday Evenings: Online

6:15 PM - 7:00 Pm -- Beginner (White/Yellow belts)


Thursday Evenings: Online

4:15 - 5:00 Pm -- Beginner (White/Yellow belts)

5:15 - 6:00 Pm -- Weapons

6:15 - 7:00 Pm -- Intermediate/Advanced

(Green, Blue, Red)

Friday Mornings:

Temporarily Online

9:30 Am - 10:15 Am -- Beginner (White/Yellow belts)

10:30 Am - 11:15 Am -- Weapons

11:30 Am - 12:15 Pm Intermediate/Advanced 

(Green, Blue, Red)



**You may attend any of the classes of your ranking on any of the days available**

Introductory Package: $149.99 +HST

Includes: Registration (Value $100), Uniform (Value: $80), Patches (Value $10), InnerActive Water Bottle (Value $20), InnerActive Uniform Bag (Value $20), Access to online training tools, One Month Membership- Unlimited classes

(Value $120)


Total Value: $350
You Save More Than $200.00!!


Inneractive MA - Brochure-2.jpg

Virtual Classes Only:

$60.00 +HST/ Month


Regular Program: (Includes In-Person & Virtual)

Drop-In Classes:

$15.00 +HST/Class


Nerkin Ouj or Weapons Partial Membership (1 Class/Week):

$60.00 +HST/ Month


Nerkin Ouj Monthly Membership (Unlimited Classes):

$85.00 +HST


Nerkin Ouj/Weapons Full Membership:

Includes In-Person Classes, Virtual Classes, Weapons Classes

Does not Include costs of weapons.

$115.00 +HST/ Month


Mix Partial Membership:

One Nerkin Ouj Class and One Weapons Class per week

$85.00 +HST


Weapons Only:

$85.00 +HST/ Month

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