You clicked on the link that brought you here for a reason... What was it?

You are looking for something to that your child needs. An outlet to express extra energy he or she may have. A means of exercise to get into better shape, lose or maintain weight, or build some muscle. An activity to help with self-confidence, self-esteem- or self-discipline. A place to develop social skills and community involvement. 

You came to the right page. You came to the place where you can help your child achieve these goals.

This is his or her step towards improving themselves beyond limits. 

Training in Martial Arts gives your child a whole lot of benefits. It gives them skills, confidence and often helps with their self-esteem.

But did you know that Martial Arts classes can help your child do better in school?

1. Rigorous academics require discipline

A good student is one who understands that life is not a free-for-all, where they can just do what they want when they want. Good students do their homework even when their favorite show is on TV. In order to get good grades, they must complete their homework, turn it in on time, and study and prepare for tests. The trait necessary for achieving all these is discipline. Martial Arts works to develop self-discipline because it helps students learn structure, order and most importantly, how to have self-control.

2. Being prepared leads to success

Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Much of academic success hinges on being prepared and organized. Think about it, what good is it to write the greatest essay since Charles Dickens if you leave it at home and so can’t turn it in on time? Martial Arts teaches kids that they always need to be prepared. For example, when they’re getting to spar, they know they need to stay in fighting stance and stay on their bounce so they can explode into action when they need to. Kids who train in Martial Arts carry this trait over to their school work.

3. Good students have to be able to focus

With all the opportunities and channels of entertainment available to today’s kids it can become difficult to focus. But in order to cope with rigorous schoolwork, students must learn how to listen to the teachers and not get distracted by their surroundings. Martial Arts can help your child to develop this very important character trait; focus and concentration. When in class, they learn to shut out distractions, whether they’re external (classmates playing around) or internal (negative thoughts and doubts).

4.  Achieving goals is critical to success

Success comes from achieving a series of smaller goals which ultimately culminates in the accomplishment of larger goals. In school, this could mean finishing an essay on time or reading a few chapters ahead of the class. In Martial Arts, it means passing an evaluation and earning a new belt.

The best part is that these skills are not just transferable to School but can be used to be successful in any aspect in life. 

For instance: other sports or extra-curriculars, looking for a job, in a career, at home, learning a new skills. The skills listed above can be used to improve or develop any (and more) of these examples. 

Check out this video below to find out what is happening with children across Canada and how Martial Arts can help them.

If you watched or even skimmed through this video, you'll know that it's about many of the issues that many children around the world, let alone Canadian children, are facing today. Obesity, general health, constant brain stimulation, mental disease and mental health, self-confidence and other self-esteem issues are just some of the problems our children are facing these days. 

It has been proven that physical activity and Martial Arts in general can help in preventing, slowing, or controlling some of these problems. 

There are so many benefits to practicing Martial Arts. Start cashing in on them today.




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