What Are the Benefits of Self Defense Classes?

April 12, 2017


Women gain self-confidence and form friendships in self-defense classes.






Self-defense classes are available for women in martial arts programs and fitness centers across the country. Techniques and styles of self-defense and martial arts vary. Research different martial arts styles and seek qualified instructors who can help you get started. The benefits of taking a self-defense class are well worth the investment of time and effort and could potentially save your life.












Women gain more confidence in themselves and their ability and willingness to tackle their surroundings when they learn self-defense techniques. Because self-defense training helps you prepare to face the unexpected, knowing that you could defend yourself against a threat can give you the confidence to take on new projects or explore new places. According to a study in the journal "Violence Against Women," Jocelyn Hollander writes that women overall report a greater feeling of self-worth and empowerment after taking self-defense classes.


Above all, self-defense is about personal safety. The most important benefit from any self-defense class is to increase your overall safety in any situation. Most self-defense classes will teach you the techniques to disable an attacker, helping you escape quickly. Being able to face an attacker and disable him or escape, increases your safety in many situations from traveling to going out to working late at night. Of course, a major component of staying safe involves avoiding certain situations that increase the risk of danger -- something you will also learn in a self-defense course.